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Below you will find a listing and description of services offered. I have been developing software for approximately 10 years and have focused on web based applications for the last 4 - 5 years. My expertise is in developing server based, database driven software for commercial application.

Web Application Development / Customization
I offer commercial / custom applications developed primarily in PHP. I have experience developing applications that interact with MySQL, ORACLE (via ODBC) and ACCESS databases. The typical use of applications I develop are for web based administration of databases, dynamic report generation and content driven websites.

If you need a custom developed solution or a specialized version of any of my existing software, use my contact page to send your request.

Website Design / Maintenance
Website design and/or maintenance is offered at reasonable prices . If you need a site designed, or need the assurance that comes with having someone on call for site maintenance, contact me for a price quote.

Website Hosting
Web hosting solutions are offered for applications I have developed. This frees you from having to find a provider that meets any special server requirements and guarantees a proper installation of any developed packages.